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Milking your consumer and the merits of Piracy

Piracy’s a crime, and crime doesn’t pay. However the laws regarding piracy are so scarcely enforced that everyone and their mother is doing it anyway. In this climate, one can wonder why many publishers do everything they can to seemingly ENCOURAGE the piracy of their games instead of simply listening to the consumer.

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The Stanley Parable : what is a game?

A walking simulator is a « game » in which the player does not get much interactivity at all. As the name of the genre implies, it is often limited to walking around and sometimes exploring a location. In fact, the « game » I will be writing about in this article, The Stanley Parable, takes place mostly in corridors and linear paths. So while I do consider […]

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Mega Man 2.5D: Gamers do it better

Last year we saw the long awaited release of Mighty No. 9, the fan funded anticipated spiritual sequel to the Mega Man series. The game was developed by both Inafune’s Comcept Inc. and Inti Creates. Keiji Inafune, ex Capcom’s R&D and illustrator and co-designer for the original Mega Man series, worked directly in the development of this project that raised […]

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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Sunday

It’s Sunday, it’s cold and rainy outside, my dog is laying down on the carpet, the heating is on and keeping the apartment at a nice temperature and I… Well… I’m sitting in front of my computer screen smashing my Xbox One controller’s button to try and kick some Asian girls’ asses in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I […]

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Nintendo Switch units stolen

You have most certainly already seen the images that have been floating around the internet of a retail Nintendo Switch that had supposedly been mistakenly sold before time. Well, Nintendo issued a statement to IGN explaining the situation: “Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined […]

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On #GamerGate

I recently had this discussion with someone about #GamerGate. I know it’s 2017 and most people don’t care about #GamerGate any more but the discussion started because I laughed at the fact that Brianna Wu is planning to run for congress in 2018. Of course it was a huge mistake on my side, I should have known that I was going […]