So E3 2017 is behind our backs. It was a consistent show where all companies did their best to show as many games as possible. I gotta admit that, even if there were tons of games shown only a few got my attention and had me excited about what’s to come in the next 6 months and begin of 2018. Here are my picks from this year’s E3.

5 Р Monster Hunter World

The first Monster Hunter to come to an Xbox console. I’m hoping for it to be a massive open world game where you can tag along with your friends and rek down some big ass monsters. I tried Monster Hunter for the first time on the Nintendo Wii and even though I enjoyed the game I never got much into it due to the constant loadings the game had to go through every time you moved between areas in the map, I’m hoping for this one to put all that behind and amaze us with huge locations to explore – loading free.

4 – Super Mario Odyssey

I’m not even a Mario fan but boy Super Mario Odyssey does look great. The possession mechanic and the little 2D levels hidden inside it’s beautiful 3D world really got me excited for a Mario game.

3 – Sonic Forces

It’s not a E3 announcement I know but as a Sonic fan I’m putting my hopes on this game. Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations have conquered my heart and proven everyone that Sonic can be awesome in 3D games too, sonic forces brings back what Sonic Generations did well and adds a custom character with a new type of gameplay that really gives me good vibes. I’m looking forward to try this game.


2 – Ori and the will of the wips

The first Ori game was amazing and it’s creators just announced Ori 2. Not much is known about the game and no gameplay was revealed but our hopes can be high considering how good the first game was.


1 – Beyond Good and Evil 2

BGE 2 is one of those games that fans have been asking for for years. There is an old BGE 2 trailer from 2009 but thankfully it has nothing to do with what Ubisoft showed us at E3. Ubisoft surprised everyone with just a cinematic trailer of BGE 2 showing Nox and a few other characters from the new title but what really got me excited was the gameplay demo that Ubisoft showed later, where they show us a huge planet and seamless travel from the ground of a city to the outer space with no loading screens at all. Certainly we’ve seen such promises before with the likes of No Man’s Sky but BGE developers have delivered before so let’s hope they manage to deliver this time too. No platform and no release date announced, but considering the scale of the game and how ambitious the project is I’d rather not have developers rushing it out and instead taking their time to deliver what they promise.


And you, what games got you excited this year? Let us know on the comments.


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