VidCon 2017 took place last week and boy was it an exciting show. I didn’t know anything about VidCon and had never heard about this convention until this weekend, when my feeds started to get flooded with this video of Anita Sarkeesian, professional con artist and victim, complimenting a famous Youtuber by calling him “human garbage”.

As expected the rebel act of Anita Sarkeesian backfired and she has been target of harsh criticism accusing her of behaving like an actual harasser.

To try and clean her face Anita wrote a very unintelligent post on Feminist Frequency website trying to justify her actions by playing, once again, the victim. I find it a lousy attempt at justifying a moronic behavior but let’s look at it.

Anita starts her post by trying to give some context on the situation, even if there is really not much to it, telling us that someone asked the panel why it is still necessary to talk about harassment of women to which Anita replied “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row” and then goes on on vilifying the presence of Sargon and other Youtubers. Sargon and the others did nothing but sit in the front row and assist to the conference, still it was enough to upset Anita to the point that she even failed to answer the question.

This is not a normal reaction to the presence of someone in the audience, the only thing any of these people ever did to Anita was to disagree with her and to use the same medium she does to counter her viewpoints.

Anita fails to see this and actually feels like she is being harassed or even assaulted by the simple presence of her opponents in the audience. Can you people imagine how political debate would be if everyone would react this bonkers to everyone who disagrees with them?

The second paragraph of the post contains lies. Anita tells her readers that “Carl (Sargon) is a man who literally profits from harassing me and other women: he makes over $5,000 a month on Patreon for creating YouTube videos that mock, insult and discredit myself and other women online, and he’s not alone.”, this is a blatant lie.

Sargon has several dozens (maybe even hundreds) of videos on Youtube and the only few in which Anita is mentioned are the ones about #GamerGate. The only reason why he refers to her in those same videos is because of Anita’s actions towards gaming and gaming community that could be described, according to Anita’s own definitions, as harassment. So yeah, if we use Anita’s own vocabulary, Anita Sarkeesian has assaulted and harassed Gamers and gaming industry for years and made money off of it.

This woman has made over $440,000 on Kickstarter to make a Youtube series that had no other objective but to target gamers and their hobby, how’s that for harassment?

After that, and falling deeper in the victim hole, Anita goes on telling her readers how she received threats and harassment for being a woman who “argues for the basic humanity of women in a deeply misogynistic culture” . First, as we’ve seen earlier, Anita’s definition of harassment seems to be broader than the one of most people. To her criticism is harassment, disagreeing with her is harassment, joking is harassment, basically anything that makes her feel uncomfortable is harassment…  Second she fails to realize that the reactions she gets have nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman but with the nonsense that she preaches. Proof is that her ventriloquist, Jonathan McIntosh (a cisgendered – I think – white male), had has much criticism and negative reactions has her, the difference? Jonathan know how to use the block button and refuses to engage, allowing him to stay in his safe echo chamber.

Anita on the other hand keeps on preaching moronic ideology, gathering more and more negative reactions that she takes personally,  reinforcing her delusion that the world is going after her because of she is, not because of what she does.

Anita rambles a bit more about all this abstract entities “misogyny”, “patriarchy”, etc. to  finish her post by telling us how much of a strong and powerful woman she is for fighting against all this imaginary evil and still harnessing the courage to speak in public.

What she fails to realize though is that strong and powerful people do not play the victim, strong and powerful people do not go react irrationally because people who disagree with them are sitting in the audience, strong and powerful people take responsibility for their actions instead of trying to constantly blame others for their own failures  and most of all strong and powerful people know when it’s time to take a step back and rethink their strategy.

Up to this day I still have many doubts about many things about Anita Sarkeesian, I do not know if this is just a person with an ideological bias so strong that lost all capacity to question her own actions and to see past her own paradigm or if there is anything pathological powering this lack of self awareness. Either way, the fact that there are hordes of people ready to give her money to continuously spread lies and her strongly disrupted vision of the world worries me a great deal…


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