This is gonna be a shorter article than my usual ramblings.

I just saw the announce trailers for the newest game in the Far Cry series, a series that I really enjoyed since its second game. I’ll admit I haven’t played Primal yet, but the modern games in the series, I enjoyed a great deal.


Since I’ve heard that Far Cry 5 was going to be set in Montana, I expected it to be a Western game. Turns out, it’s not going to be the case. Well, I’m back to Call of Juarez Gunslinger and the hypothetical PC port to Read Dead Redemtion 2… or hell, maybe I’ll run a Western tabletop RPG campaign somewhere.

I’ve also heard a few people complaining th

at the game would not be set in an exotic location, which has been a staple of the series since the very first one by Crytech. The one possible exception would have been Primal, but the land is made exotic by the fact that the game is set during the Stone Age. In the Montana of FC5, well, we can expect much less in terms of sea and mountains. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though. FC3 and FC4 had different kind of gameplays due to the locations being different, my personal favorite being FC4 due to the verticality the Himalaya gave to the playground.

Montana, well… If something can make me a little skeptical of the gameplay, it’s this. Plains and farmlands? Open areas? Rural US towns? That leaves a little less ground for grappling hook gameplay… but who knows? We might be able to create larger ground battles in the field and tense firefights in the towns. I also hope there will be more than one town to play around with. All around, it can be cool if done well… and I hope it’ll be done well.

I’ve also heard a couple people mad that the game would not be featuring the oppressive dictatorship that was a feature of the series since Far Cry 3… but that’s kind of nonsense, considering the whole cult thing, and that the enemy in FC3 were pirates. I don’t consider it to be a bad thing anyway, but we’ll see.

I’ve also heard a few elements on the fact that you’ll be fighting what are essentially extremely cultish Christians in the United States, which upset a few people in the circles I tend to frequent. However, I don’t think the game will make a stance against religion in general or even Christianity. The black priest is very reminiscent of the one in FC2 which led the mercenary to the Resistance, and I expect the same kind of character this time. If you look back upon the series, Christians are always portrayed as helpers, not enemies, even in FC4 where the faction you’re in is Pagan(… I think? I don’t actually know. if this is an actual religion.) just like the Rakyat in FC3.

This times it seems that Ubisoft wants to tackle cult-like behavior, which I think can make for a great story, if they do it right. I think the open lands can make for a great playground, if they’re handled right.

See the pattern here? I think they can do it… if they do it right.

I also think they should rework the skill tree to NOT lock you at two-thirds of your maximum health for the majority of the game, remove the mortars or at least balance them,

I also like that they made it a customizable character, and I hope for a more sandbox-style experience, but that’s entirely subjective.

So in conclusion… I hope they do it right. I hope they don’t take the story too seriously, either, as they tend to not be great at developping characters that aren’t villains.

Also, please give me throwing knives. These things are awesome.


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