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Month: March 2017

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Milking your consumer and the merits of Piracy

Piracy’s a crime, and crime doesn’t pay. However the laws regarding piracy are so scarcely enforced that everyone and their mother is doing it anyway. In this climate, one can wonder why many publishers do everything they can to seemingly ENCOURAGE the piracy of their games instead of simply listening to the consumer.

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Sonic Forces

That’s it guys. SEGA has finally revealed the title for Project 2017. The game’s official name is Sonic Forces and it will be a 3D game using a second version […]

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The Stanley Parable : what is a game?

A walking simulator is a « game » in which the player does not get much interactivity at all. As the name of the genre implies, it is often limited to walking around and sometimes exploring a location. In fact, the « game » I will be writing about in this article, The Stanley Parable, takes place mostly in corridors and linear paths. So while I do consider […]