I recently had this discussion with someone about #GamerGate. I know it’s 2017 and most people don’t care about #GamerGate any more but the discussion started because I laughed at the fact that Brianna Wu is planning to run for congress in 2018.


Of course it was a huge mistake on my side, I should have known that I was going to start a shitstorm with that but I couldn’t help myself but to laugh… specially since the image she used to tell the world that she would be running to the congress stated “She fought the alt-right and won”.

I can’t possible imagine how Brianna Wu fought the alt-right, but that wasn’t even the point on all of this. The thing is the minute the word #GamerGate emerged in the discussion that person went into the “it was a sexist movement, full of racist, sexist men that harass women online” narrative.

It’s pointless to reproduce everything that was said during that discussion, what really strikes me the most is that when I said “it was not about sexism it was about corrupt media” I was accused of being misinformed about #GamerGate.

Well,  from what I experienced about Gamergate it was all about a huge number of people getting upset with the journalists that they had trusted for years to defend the gaming culture, it was about a huge number of consumers realising that they had been lied all this time, that video game journalism lacked the maturity needed to be impartial and review games as objectively as possible. Instead gaming journalists were colluding in a news group online, game developers were gaining positive support from this journalists by sleeping with them, and a few attention seeking feminists used to opportunity to come up to public, offend gamers and then play the victim game when it backlashed.

It got so bad that Anita Sarkeesian and others went to UN to talk about online harassment against women, of course that the UN has nothing more important to care about, like the fact that women that are victims of rape are still stoned to death in some Muslim countries. Who cares about that? Some privileged white girl got harassed online, it takes priority above everything else.

Last year FBI released the report on the allegations of harassment and, even if they took it seriously and apparently investigated this as thoroughly as possible, found out that there was no way to connect those threats to Gamergate.

Not that that matters because, of course, FBI’s conclusions didn’t even deserve a mention on the TV Channels that had given the space for Wu to perform her victim play.

To this day people are still believing that #GamerGate was a sexist movement, there are even people who actually believe that it was #GamerGate who elected Donald Trump – and, to no surprise those people are gaming journalists who write for some of the biggest outlets in the industry like Polygon and Kotaku. But not only, even L.A. Times takes a sip of the poison and spreads it out.

Screenshot 2017-02-19 10.37.59.png

To me these are the people that are actually misinformed about what #GamerGate was about, but this people also hold something that most gamers don’t, the capacity to reach thousands of people, spread misinformation and manipulate opinions. We do live an era where access to information is easy, but can most people filter the bullshit from the truth?

And, in a world where ideological biased gaming journalists hold the power to spread their misinformation and make people actually believe their lies, in a world where everyone seems to be having interest in what is going on in gaming – from the World Health Organization to the United Nations – how will this shape gaming from here on?


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