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Golden Sun: One Last Breath?

Golden Sun, Golden Sun, Golden Sun. Where to begin? Golden Sun was a great franchise, shortly lived but still great, arguably one of the best GBA RPGs ever! Golden Sun […]

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Elitism in videogames, or my entitlement is more important than your art

The year of 2017 has been a year full of great games, I can’t remember of a year that has had as many amazing titles coming out as this one, […]

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Sonic Forces

And finally, here it is. Sonic Forces, previously know as Project Sonic 2017  has come out this month, some fans were really excited about the new 3D Sonic while others […]

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Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey was one of the most anticipated games ever since Switch’s announcement. It was also the major Mario game release since Super Mario Galaxy (let’s be honest,  Super […]

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Far Cry 5: I’m actually not mad

This is gonna be a shorter article than my usual ramblings. I just saw the announce trailers for the newest game in the Far Cry series, a series that I […]

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Battlefront II what we know so far

So a while back EA held a panel about Battlefront II releasing some information about the game, you can watch the full thing here, but for now here is what […]

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A random Hulu appears

And, that’s it guys. Apparently Hulu is finally available on North American Nintendo Switch’s. The app was released with any announcement and seems to have a few problems running, but […]

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The TRUTH about the “Games are art” debate

I’m looking for either InfoWars or Kotaku to hire me. Now that I’ve clickbaited you hard, I will try to demonstrate and organize my thoughts on the whole issue. Some among my (mostly imaginary) audience might remember that, in the article on The Stanley Parable, I defined a game as a challenge to be overcome. The way the challenge is constructed varies greatly […]